in Corvallis Oregon.


Welcome. vendors, to the 2018 Winterail 40th Anniversary Show. We have sent out vendor packets to all past dealers. There will be some changes for next year's Railroadiana Show & Sale. One important change is lifting restrictions on table allotments on first-round applications. Keep in mind, we will have the final word on whether or not we can accommodate requests.  We are doing this to encourage vendors from further away to attend Winterail. The vendor packet we will send you will have details on this. The price of  tables will be increased to $60 each for dealers and $50 for non-profits.  We have been losing money on holding Winterail for several years, which is unsustainable for us to continue. We appreciate your understanding; we want Winterail to continue to thrive and grow.

Also we are planning to have the Friday night early entry into the Railroadiana Show & Sale.  To do this we would request a yes or no to this entry from all vendors that will participate. Will this be worth doing?  Please let me know. 

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