On the program line-up ...

Ted Benson & Tom Taylor, "Discovering the Western Pacific, 1965-1970"
CN Southwell, "Going To California"

Ben Kletzer, "South Africa"

Frederick Manfred Simon, "Metallic Machinations"
Kevin Sheridan, "Toronto Streetcars"
Steven Welch, "The 39th State - North Dakota"
Bob Edmonson, "Missouri Scrapbook"
Steve Carter, "Oregon Coast Scenic"

Craig Willett & Mike Schafer, "A Jim Boyd Tribute"
David Oroszi, "Restless Shorts"
Charlie & David Lange, "Three Generations" 
Robert Scott, "Wintertime Blues Crossing"
Scott Allen Sparks, "Tehachapi - A Railroad Paradise"

Bill Burket, "SP 3rd and Townsend"

Lance Lassen, "Night Time"

​Randy Nelson, "Whispers of the North"

Programs may be added or subtracted. This is not be the final lineup. Winterail has the right to make changes and/or screw things up.

in Corvallis Oregon

The West's original railroad photography exposition and rail collectibles sale.

Blair Kooistra

Saturday, March 16, 2019 -- Tickets now on sale!

9:00 am to 10:00 pm
Corvallis High School - 1400 N.W. Buchanan Ave. Corvallis, Oregon 97330


Our spacious, state of the art auditorium at Corvallis High School Theatre,

1400 NW Buchanan Ave. in Corvallis, Or.

Photos from last year's 40th anniversary Winterail: