PRESS RELEASE:  February 2nd 2015
Our 37th Winterail will be upon us shortly on March 14,
2015. Tickets are hovering near 400. As many of you have
learned, we moved to Albany, Oregon last fall to enjoy a
new chapter in our lives. Winterail has become the most
successful multi-media event to grace the railfan
community. All of us are very proud of what Winterail has
become. Survivability was the criteria for our decision to
make the 2015 show at Scottish Rite Center in Stockton
the last one at that location. Of course, with that news
brings the happy news: Winterail 2016 will be held in
Corvallis Oregon on March 12th, 2016. Many factors were
used to make this decision. Slumping ticket sales of the
past half decade have made it difficult to break even. The
condition of the facility was also another concern. Please
take heart in our decision and support of the new location
of Winterail 2016. Stay tuned. We hope to see you there.  
Vic & Annie Neves
PO Box 944
Albany, OR. 97321